unconditional softness




Unconditional softness

Hedonies is a French company designed in the United States specializing in high end luxury cashmere and wool products. 

Our philosophy is based on personal expression, humanity, creativity and diversity as our products are made with the highest quality of raw materials gathered from all over the world. 

Every item we make is woven into the ethos of our brand and engages with our customer in simplicity, sophistication and a touch of boldness. 

At Hedonies, we take pride in our aesthetic research of manual work and craftsmanship. With our clean lines, minimalist approach to designs and simple care, we hope you will always look chic and feel great.

Hedonies is about much more than apparel and accessories.

It is about charm.

It is about elegance of life and soul.

It is a second skin we never want to shed.

It is about outer softness and our unshakable strength within.


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Elegance is the only beauty that never fades
— Audrey Hepburn

The Cloud Collection

Our Cloud Collection shawls are spun from 100% cashmere for an impossibly soft feel. They are handmade in Nepal using a special weaving process, making each piece completely unique.


Alizee Cloud Collection
Pink Cloud
Anne Hedonies Cloud
Vapor Blue Cloud
Photography and Creative Direction by 18/17 Creatives ™

Photography and Creative Direction by 18/17 Creatives ™

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